2nd Annual GDB Hacker Party.

Eric Bachalo ebachalo@redhat.com
Mon Jul 31 17:43:00 GMT 2000

The 2nd Annual GDB Free Beer as in Free Beer (not Free Speech) Party.

  Tuesday, August 15, 2000 starting at 6pm.

  Sunnyvale Baylands Park - Indian Grass Picnic Site 1.
  999 E. Caribbean Drive
  Sunnyvale, CA, USA  

Directions to Park: 
Map of Park:
  This is a very small map.  The site we are using is the
  bottom-left most site on the map (the pie cut in half
  looking circle to the left of the pie cut into 5 at the
  bottom of the picture)

  All people who have contributed to GDB sources in the past and
  present and want to attend.  Anyone who is a friend or family 
  member of someone who has contributed to GDB sources and want
  to attend.

  Just an informal get together of GDB hackers in the park.  There
  will be some form of food and refreshments.

Please send me an email if you are planning on coming so we can be
prepared for the right number.

Best Regards,

Eric Bachalo
Engineering Director - GDB
Red Hat, Inc.

Small Print: (Won't burden you with HTML so just imagine it is small)

Park Rules:

1) No pets of any kind.

2) Wine and Beer only are allowed and within picnic areas only, as
   part of a meal.

3) No golf play or practice.

4) No balloons.

5) Parking only in parking lots.

6) No fires.

7) Human visitors share this space with wildlife which lives in the
   park.  Do not feed or disturb wildlife.  No public access is
   allowed into the wetlands area.

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