Multi-arch and simulators questions

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jul 28 19:37:00 GMT 2000

Stephane Carrez wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to multi-arch the 68hc11 gdb target.
> It has a simulator which uses the common framework.

> Is there anything to do on that?

No.  For the moment GDB continues to assume that there is only one

> How can we integrate several simulators in GDB?

For the MIPS, that is separatly multi-arched.  N simulators are
accessible via that one interface.

> Have you ever tried gdb with both mips and sh for example?

To be done. People are currently only using multi-arch to handle ISA
When it happens, simulators will make for an interesting stumbling block

> What would be the configure command to get two targets in the same gdb?

In theory, GDB would recognize the --enable-targets=... command just
like BFD.

Hope the process isn't too painful.


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