SIGINT handling for rdi target

Fabrice Gautier
Thu Jul 27 17:29:00 GMT 2000

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> Subject: Re: SIGINT handling for rdi target
> Fabrice Gautier wrote:
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> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm using a EmbededICE device with an ARM board and I 
> connect using the RDI
> > target. The problem is that there I can't interrupt the 
> target from gdb.
> > Looking in the code, I didn't saw any SIGINT handling in 
> remote-rdi.c as
> > there is remote.c for the serial target.
> > 
> > Does anyone know why? And If this is related to my problem
> > 
> > Thank You
> > 
> What is your host system?  Linux?  Solaris?  Windows?

My host is WinNT + Cygwin. 
> How old are your gdb sources?  Are you using the command line 
> interface?

I'm using the Insigth 5.0 release + patch for eCos.
If I use the Insight GUI, pressing the Stop button does nothing (in fact the
whole GUI seems frozen) Typing Ctrl+C in the console window of insight
doesn't help more.


When launching only the cmd line interface (gdb -nw) ctrl+c works.
With the GUI interface, sending an explicit sigint to the process (kill
-sigint pid) works as it should. With the message RDI_execute: you pressed

So it seems this is only a problem with the GUI.



Fabrice Gautier 

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