How do I stop breaking on _init()?

Peter Haight
Wed Jul 26 23:19:00 GMT 2000

I'm running mozilla under the debugger on FreeBSD 4.0 and when I'm stepping
through stuff it will frequently break with a message like this:

(gdb) n
0x29b08ffc in _init ()
   from /usr/home/peterh/ext/mozilla/dist/bin/components/

If I do any sort of steping command like n or s at this point things get
royally messed up. What I usually do is 'fin' which will take me back to the
point where I hit 'n' and I can hit 'n' again. Sometimes I'll have to repeat
this two or three times before I get over the line.

Is there someway I can get it to stop doing this?

I'm using v4.18.

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