an error in gdb insight

Fernando Nasser
Tue Jul 25 08:52:00 GMT 2000

Please fix the date in your computer.  Your messages are dated 1999!

kings wrote:
> Dear maintainer:
> when i run my program in console window. There is an error message.

What do you mean by "run my program in console window"?

Be precise or we can't help you.

> starting program: /usr4/student/kings/mchang/testv2 12 34 56 78 90
> Error: procfs: target_wait (wait_for_stop) line 3677,
> /proc/05589:Interrupted system call.
> my computer is sparc-sun-solaris with X11R5 and gdb -v is gdb 20000423
> Does it matter? What should i do?

It means that gdb encountered a problem when trying to start and get hold of
the program you're trying to debug.

What is *exactly* the command line you used to compile/link your program and
what is the compiler version?

> PS: If i use gdb -nw. everything work normally.

That would be strange, depending on the answer to the previous questions.

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