djgpp building of gdb 5

Eli Zaretskii
Sun Jul 23 22:52:00 GMT 2000

> From: "Sashan Govender" <>
> Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:05:42 PDT
> I want to build a djgpp version of gdb 5 because I read that output 
> redirection works as it should.

FYI, input/output redirection works as it should in GDB 4.18 as well,
if you download and install the binary distribution available from the
DJGPP sites:

> However I can't get it to configure properly.
> After extracting it according to the Readme file I type
> sh /gdb/config/djgpp/
> but it returns saying that I should have extracted the gdb5 files using 
> djtar and the fnchange.lst file, which is what I did or tried to do at 
> least.

Please post the the exact sequence of commands you typed at the
command prompt, beginning with the commands you used to unpack the
distribution, and any messages you saw in response.

One possibility is that you invoked the above command from the wrong
directory (the leading slash suggests that).  You need to invoke it
from the top-level directory created when you unpacked the
distribution.  That directory is called gdb-5.0.  You need to chdir
there and type this:

	  sh ./gdb/config/djgpp/

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