Output redirection

Sashan Govender sashang@hotmail.com
Fri Jul 21 16:05:00 GMT 2000


Why can't I get output redirection work with gdb 4.18 (configured as
'i386-mingw32') using Win95?
This is what i do after starting gdb:

	file testprog.exe

	run > out.txt

as the help files say, but gdb seems to think that the > and out.txt
are arguments to be passed to main.

If I do this instead:

	shell testprog.exe > out.txt

the Win95 console runs testprog and redirects the output to the file 
out.txt, but this is useless because it's not running testprog within gdb.

Also does gdb separate its output from the output from the program
that is being debugged internally? Does it send the debugee's output
to another stream? As far as I can tell both outputs go to the same
stream (stdout), even with a new console set. I'm interested in being
able to separate the output from gdb from the output of program being
debugged because I have to write a GUI for Windows for gdb.

Thank you
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