help with remote debug!!

Andrew Cagney
Tue Jul 18 17:03:00 GMT 2000 wrote:
> Hi....!
> I got some confuse about remote debug feature on gdb.
> (I have read some GDB doc).
> Build all of cross-compile in my PC for StrongARM and bootable
> kernel that uses cross-compile.
> Then i do the following command,

>From memory, adding the GDB stub to the Linux kernel was only a recent
inovation.  I guess, the kernel stub code is enabled and is known to
work.  Does that stub code come with a Linux HOWTO tht is specific to
the arm?

> $ arm-unknown-linux-gdb vmlinux
> and,
> (gdb) set remotebaud 115200
> (gdb) target remote /dev/ttyS0

Ok so far. (should I also mention set debug remote ...? :-)

> (gdb) run

this looks wrong. If I assume that you've set up:

  <gdb vmlinux> - /dev/ttyS0 ------ arm board with kernel

then I don't know that ``run'' is applicable.

One guess of what should happen is:

	o	the arm board boots the kernel

	o	the arm board traps to the

	o	you connect gdb to the serial
		line connected to the arm board

	o	after entering ``target remote...''
		you can examine the kernel state

	o	use continue (not run) to resume


> But it hang on connect to remote target,no message on my terminal.
> What can i do for it ?? Or more doc i can study??
> Thanks,
>                                 Chester

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