rs6000-tdep - Further Developments

Fernando Nasser
Sat Jul 15 07:59:00 GMT 2000

Steven Johnson wrote:
> It starts up, I type:
> target remote localhost:2345
> to connect to a stub driver program i wrote that is listening on port
> 2345 i get the response:
> localhost:2345: Success.
> If my stub driver program is not running i get:
> localhost:2345: No such file or directory.
> All of this looks fine, except:
> 1. My driver program has not actually been connected to, it is still
> listening on port 2345 for a connection. (This program works with
> earlier versions of GDB fine.)

1) Use "set debug remote 2" and see what exactly happen when you issue
   your "target remote ..." command.

2) If this does not give you the indication of what is going wrong,
   use tcpdump to verify what is really going on between gdb and your stub.

BTW, this code is not particular to powerpc and it works everywhere else.

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