Steven Johnson
Fri Jul 14 06:32:00 GMT 2000


I fixed that problem, by fixing the definition of rs6000_pop_frame in
tm-ppc-eabi.h. BUT,
then it borke further on in the compile because NUM_REGS was not defined
anywhere for PowerPC. Which is also attempted to fix, and then it broke
again in ppc-bdm.c, because MQ_REGNUM was undeclared. It seems GDB in
regard (at least for me) is chronically busted. Each problem is quite
significant and i can't see how it could have ever compiled anywhere
with these
problems. I think, maybe, my CVS repository is corrupted. Im going to
get the latest snapshot and try and compile it. I will let you know what
I find.

On another note, there used to be an extensive list of register names
defined for varients of the PowerPC architecture, for example all of the
SPR registers specific to the MPC860, etc. They seem to have disappeard
in the Multi-arch process. Is this possible? If so, where do I find
information on putting them back, without breaking the Multiarch stuff? 

Also, the pointer warning is in the GCC library header on my linux box,
so I will ignore it for now. (As has just been pointed out :)

Steven Johnson

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