GDB 5.0.1?

Andrew Cagney
Mon Jul 10 19:50:00 GMT 2000

Andrew Cagney wrote:
> Hello,
> So is an incremental release worth it?  Personally, I've no problems
> with just re-spinning the head of the 5.0 branch and calling it 5.0.1
> (with the NEWS file tweeked).
> Beyond that, I've reservations, I'd rather see people putting more
> effort into the trunk and the next major release.
> Opinions?  Give it 2-4 more weeks and then just re-spin what ever is on
> the head and then close the branch?

I've only seen two responses to this and both were ``don't worry''. 
Unless there are good reasons I'm going to declare the 5.0 branch closed
(which actually means nothing :-).


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