For review: call-ar-st.exp: don't fail on slow targets

Andrew Cagney
Fri Jun 25 02:29:00 GMT 1999

Jimmy Guo wrote:
> Andrew,
> The problem you encountered with fast responses seems to be related to
> what I'd call the improper use of gdb_expect_list proc -- the proc is
> fine, but one of the patterns in the pattern list needs to be adjusted
> to work with expect.
> In your original change, in the 2nd pattern, you need to remove the
> trailing \[ \t\r\n\]+ RE.  Otherwise, on a fast system expect will see
> all the blanks / newlines leading to 0.000000 (part of the the 3rd
> pattern), and consume these.  When expect tries to match the 3rd
> pattern, there's no leading blanks / newlines to match against!

Thanks! (now where did I put my L plates).
Fixing that and a few other cases left what looks to be a few real

I'll check it in.


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