Testsuite Organization Proposal

Jimmy Guo guo@cup.hp.com
Thu Jun 24 15:02:00 GMT 1999

>   > gdb.base        This is the base testsuite.  The tests in it should
>   >                 apply to all configurations of GDB (but generic
>   >                 native-only tests may live here).  The test programs
>   >                 should be in a subset of C that is valid K&R, ANSI/ISO,
>   >                 and C++ (ifdefs are allowed).
>   I'd kind of like to see gdb.base contain no C++ tests.  There are
>   targets out there that don't have a C++ compiler.
>Yes, gdb.base shouldn't contain any C++ tests.  I think the main offender
>right now is smoke.exp, and I'm wondering if it should be in there at all,
>since its purpose in life was for HP to use in their internal process
>before doing checkins, and I don't think anybody at HP uses it that way

How about moving the C++ part of smoke.exp and smoke.cc to gdb.c++?
I'm about to provide a patch for the gdb.base suite as the part of the
test suite merge effort between HP's tree and Cygnus tree, with
assistance from Stan.  This could be a time we split up smoke.exp.

- Jimmy Guo, guo@cup.hp.com

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