Testsuite Organization Proposal

Stan Shebs shebs@cygnus.com
Thu Jun 24 14:41:00 GMT 1999

   Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:01:02 +1000
   From: Andrew Cagney <ac131313@cygnus.com>

   > gdb.base        This is the base testsuite.  The tests in it should
   >                 apply to all configurations of GDB (but generic
   >                 native-only tests may live here).  The test programs
   >                 should be in a subset of C that is valid K&R, ANSI/ISO,
   >                 and C++ (ifdefs are allowed).

   I'd kind of like to see gdb.base contain no C++ tests.  There are
   targets out there that don't have a C++ compiler.

Yes, gdb.base shouldn't contain any C++ tests.  I think the main offender
right now is smoke.exp, and I'm wondering if it should be in there at all,
since its purpose in life was for HP to use in their internal process
before doing checkins, and I don't think anybody at HP uses it that way


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