Need DWARF1 support (for money)

Todd Whitesel
Wed Jun 23 14:11:00 GMT 1999

(I'm bcc'ing a copy of this to our contact at Diab. Since money has
been offered to pay for what amounts to the integration of these
patches, I figure they'll want to hear about it.)

>    Diab added some extensions to DWARF1.
>    They have patches to GDB (I think 4.16) which read these extensions; we
>    integrated them into a release of our tools for ColdFire late last year.
> *More* unmerged patches!?!

It gets worse.

In the next release of our ColdFire toolchain, we shipped a GCC with ColdFire
specific work in it, and dropped GDB support for the Diab changes -- this was
a last-minute decision to make a deadline, but the fact remains that I have
orphaned changes in dwarfread.c, which only show up in our first ColdFire
release branch.

> They would probably go in OK - at least before the sources get
> reformatted - the dwarf1 reader hasn't changed much.

Maybe. I remember having to tweak them around quite a bit. There was a
problem with dynamic loading (which we do for vxworks) because of some
global variable that didn't get reset often enough.

>    Do we know if Diab has done the copyright assignment paperwork for GDB?
>    The patches aren't big, but there are a few chunks of code that I'm not
>    comfortable submitting under our (WRS') copyright assignment.
> I don't recall ever seeing a Diab assignment, and I think one would
> have caught my attention... Do you know if there is a particular
> person I should contact and lobby about this?

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @

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