snapshot 0614 / 0621 build problem

Jimmy Guo
Tue Jun 22 20:49:00 GMT 1999

> I tried to build snapshot 0614 and 0621 but both failed, due to a single
> source code change:
> in gdb/frame.h generic_get_saved_register is declared from within ifdef
> __GNUC__; and it is referenced in gdb/gdbarch.c
> When building gdb Using HP C compiler the declaration cannot be picked up.
> - Jimmy Guo,

Andrew Cagney's response:

Hmm.  As the comment says, ``__GNUC__'' is used because, way back in
'97, an almost ANSI compiler didn't like ``enum lval_type;'' :-(

The best I can think of is to put it back to __STDC__ and hope that the
compiler has gone away.  GDB now contains several other ``enum ...;''
and I don't recall complaints about them.  I'll check that those other
enum's appeard in 4.18 and if they did, change the test.

Could I also suggest posting this to gdb@sourceware.  There may be a
better way of testing for this problem (autoconf?).  In addition someone
may remember which compiler caused the problem.

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