Cygnus to release GDBtk/Insight to the net

Stan Shebs
Wed Jun 16 17:37:00 GMT 1999

Hi everybody, Cygnus is planning to release Insight(tm) to the net.
If the name doesn't mean anything to you, this is the 1997 rewrite, in
[incr tcl], of the old tcl/tk GUI to GDB.  Although architecturally
similar to the previous version, the rewrite is much improved
usagewise; it is much more like a real GUI application, with very
little typing required anymore, and with more kinds of displays
available.  Cygnus customers have been very enthusiastic about this

This is a Cygnus project rather than an FSF project, RMS having
forbidden the inclusion of tcl/tk-based GUIs in FSF releases of GDB.
At the moment, we're only planning to release the source code in
snapshot form, pending a decision about how to make it available via
CVS (with the rest of GDB, or from a separate repository).  The GUI
code is GPLed, copyright Cygnus.

Eventually we expect to make releases also.  We'll most likely follow
the same practice as we did for the releases of GDBtk 4.15 and 4.16;
GDB + GUI releases available by ftp from Cygnus, with official FSF
releases being GUI-less as usual.

We're still working out all the details, and expect to make an
announcement to the general public soon.  Since we would like people
to contribute to Insight, just as with GDB, I would like to hear from
you about what you want, in particular what will help you develop and
use Insight - more internals docs, more screenshots, more deprecation
of tix :-), CVS write access, recoding into Guile :-) :-), etc.


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