Testsuite Organization Proposal

Andrew Cagney ac131313@cygnus.com
Mon Jun 14 18:01:00 GMT 1999

Stan Shebs wrote:
> I'd like to propose a semi-formalization of the current testsuite
> organization, basically just reflecting current practice, but with
> enough precision to guide further additions.  The testsuite is key for
> GDB developers; the breadth of functionality and platforms is now so
> broad, in many cases, users won't discover regressions for months or
> years after the change that caused them; while a testsuite run often
> reveals mistakes right away.
> First of all, testsuite organization mainly serves the purpose of
> intelligibility; DejaGNU finds all the expect scripts wherever they're
> placed.  But with around 6000 tests in all, it becomes important to
> organize them sensibly.
> gdb.base        This is the base testsuite.  The tests in it should
>                 apply to all configurations of GDB (but generic
>                 native-only tests may live here).  The test programs
>                 should be in a subset of C that is valid K&R, ANSI/ISO,
>                 and C++ (ifdefs are allowed).

I'd kind of like to see gdb.base contain no C++ tests.  There are
targets out there that don't have a C++ compiler.


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