New option? --trascript=FILE

Andrew Cagney
Thu Jun 10 17:15:00 GMT 1999


I'd like to propose a new option ``--transcript=FILE'' that records all
user interface interactions that occure when GDB is running.

The format of the file would be:

	<line> ::= <command> | <output>
	<command> ::= a complete command ready to feed into the CLI
	<output> ::= "#" text...

for instance:

	$  gdb --transcript=LOG
	(gdb) target sim
	Connected to the simulator
	(gdb) load
	File loaded
	(gdb) break main
	Breakpoint ...
	(gdb) run
	main.c:main() reached
	(gdb) quit

would create:

	target sim
	#Connected to the simulator
	#File loaded
	break main
	#Breakpoint ...
	#main.c:main() reached

which would then in turn allow:

	$  gdb -nx -x LOG
	Connected to the simulator
	File loaded
	Breakpoint ...
	main.c:main() reached

Apart from the general idea.  Does anyone object to the choice of option
name?  Down the track we can see about commands that can control this.


PS: If you look carefully, I've omitted a detail - the ``quit'' should
prompt the user.  That wouldn't appear in the transcript any way.

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