Australian Open Source Symposium, Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Cagney
Wed Jun 9 21:38:00 GMT 1999


	Australian Open Source Symposium, Melbourne, Australia

I'm one of the speakers and will be giving a brief presentation on GDB.



Andrew Cagney
Cygnus Solutions


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Dear Colleague,

It is just two weeks to the 1st Australian Open Source Symposium.
This event, by developers and for developers, is a great opportunity to
come along and meet other members of the local open source community.

As you can see, we have lined up a strong and interesting set of
on a wide variety of open source topics, who will help make the day
informative as well as enjoyable.

This is also a great chance for you to come along and find support, help
and developers for your own pet open source project.

Finally, as the first event of this type in Australia, we need your
Please consider coming along, and be part of bootstrapping open source
development in this country.

Hope to see you there,

The AOSS committee

AOSS 1 is proudly supported by AUUG Inc, ISOC-AU, Linux Users Victora
and SAGE-AU. 


   When? June 16, 1999
   Where? 380 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
   How much? $60 per head, (includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon

   Watch the website for more information.


   Please fill in this form and email or fax it to us.
      Fax:   (02) 9858-4926

   If you prefer, you can register by phone.
      Phone: (02) 9858-4542

   Name:         ____________________________________________________

   Organisation: ____________________________________________________

   Email:        ____________________________________________________

   Please choose a payment method:

      ___ I will be paying by cash or cheque at the door.

      ___ I will be paying by credit card.

             Card Type:  ___ Bankcard

                         ___ MasterCard

                         ___ Visa

             Card Number:  _________________________________________

             Name on Card: _________________________________________

             Expiry Date:  _________________________________________

             I hereby authorise AUUG Inc to charge a fee of $60 to the
             above credit card.

             Signature:    _________________________________________

Provisional Timetable

   0900 Registration

   1000 The Diary of an Open Source Project (Con Zymaris)
   1030 GDB: The GNU Project Debugger (Andrew Cagney)
   1100 Morning Tea

   1130 Affordable Supercomputing - Parallel Processing with Linux
        (Rajkumar Buyya)
   1200 Eddieware (Michael Rumsewicz)

   1230 Lunch (1 hr)
   1330 Colour in an Open World (Graeme Gill)
   1400 Building RPMS (Richard Keech)
   1430 To be confirmed

   1500 Afternoon Tea

   1530 Panel session
   1600 Project pitches

   1615 Close

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