[daemon@cygnus.com: Re: Problems with [linux] gdb 4.18 and threads...]

Robert Lipe robertl@sco.com
Tue Jun 8 10:55:00 GMT 1999

> GDB 4.18, as released by Cygnus, does not support LinuxThreads.  The
> random signals are the threads trying to communicate with each other.
> The GDB packages included in most distributions (including Red Hat
> 5.2) include patches that add LinuxThreads support to GDB.

FWIW, the GDB that ships with RH6.0/x86 does seem to contain functional
support for threads.

RH6.0/Sparc's support seems to be broken:

Alloc daemon started.
Program received signal ?, Unknown signal.
0x5006f1c0 in __syscall_rt_sigsuspend () at soinit.c:59
soinit.c:59: No such file or directory.

Yes, this is a real drag.

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