breakpoint extension for remote protocol, take II

Andrew Cagney
Tue Jun 8 06:54:00 GMT 1999

> I've had some time to refine my break/watchpoint extensions, and have
> come up with this revised proposal.
>         Request         Packet
>         insert break    B<type>,<address>[,<length>]
>         reply           OK      for success.
>                         ENN     for an error.


Have you considered what to do when there is a choice of software
Jim Ingham's pointed out to me that in the case of the MIPS/MIPS16 and
ARM/THUMB the breakpoint might be 2 bytes or 4 bytes in size (and the
value different in each case).

For such targets, always sending the length would be easiest.  Can any
one see problems with sending the length regardless?


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