Does the config/XXX/tm-XXX.h file have a future?

Andrew Cagney
Sun Jun 6 21:30:00 GMT 1999


The process of re-arranging a target architecture so that it is created
at run-time has a number of important side effects:

	o	the tm-XXX.h file is emptied of all but
		target specific definitions such as register
		name / number aliases. Sometimes these are shared
		across files (ex: d10v-tdep.c and remote-d10v.c).

	o	(when a GDB with two or more architectures is built)
		makes the ``tm.h'' file created/used during a
		build stage irrelevant.

As a short term solution, that keeps things stumbling along, it will
typically be possible to include the "tm-XXX.h" file explicitly (ex
#include "config/d10v/tm-d10v.h").

In the long run, however, it might be worth a complete re-think of the
gdb/config/*/ directory tree.

Just a heads up,


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