CVS branch created for gdb 4.18.1 patches/release

Jason Molenda
Fri Jun 4 15:39:00 GMT 1999

Hi, I have set up a CVS branch on for patches that
have been accepted for inclusion in GDB 4.18.1.

There are currently three things included on the branch.  Two changes
to the GDB directory:

1999-04-26  Jim Blandy  <>
        Fix from Dave Holcomb.
        * hpux-thread.c (init_hpux_thread_ops): Use the right function
        name when initializing hpux_thread_ops.to_thread_alive.
1999-04-13  Jason Molenda  (
        * (HAVE_MULTIPLE_PROC_FDS): Don't define if we're
        on a Solaris host (of any architecture).
        * configure: Regenerated.

The third change is that I added the top-level ChangeLog file which was
absent in the 4.18 release.

GDB 4.18.1 will be based off of this branch when it is released.  You can
check out a copy of the 4.18 branch with a CVS command like this:

 % cvs -d login
(use "anoncvs" as the password)
 % cvs -z9 -d co -r gdb-4_18-branch gdb

You can browse the branch sources with cvsweb via this URL:

You can look for CVS commits on the branch by looking at the gdb-cvs
mail archives:

Commits on the branch have subject lines starting "Tag: gdb-4_18-branch".

Jim Blandy is the 4.18 and 4.18.1 release manager, if you have any
questions about why a patch is or isn't included in the branch, please
contact him.

If you have any questions about this, please send them my way.


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