AW: libGDB architecture

Andrew Cagney
Tue Aug 31 16:53:00 GMT 1999

"Baulig, ITS P A800, TR" wrote:
> Oh fine.
> Since I'm already working on a guile interface to gdb, I'd be glad to help
> you with the scheme-specific builder code.

Sorry, no, I've thrown you.  I'm (er we're) _not_ working in a guile
interface to GDB.  Rather we're concentrating on the internal GDB
changes needed to accomodate scripting languages (which clearly includes
guile).  From our end we just don't want to see it locked down to a
specific language.

Your feedback on how suitable the model is to guile and any/all
contributed code would be most welcome.

What I ment to say was that Cygnus have got some code working to where
we are satisified that the basic model is correct.  As they say, we're
too embarrised to show you the details :-) We're now looking to take the
idea's and have them reviewed publicaly.  After review and consequent
revision, the code can hopefully become part of the official GDB


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