AW: libGDB architecture

Jason Molenda
Tue Aug 31 13:29:00 GMT 1999

> Well, I did not make any snapshots yet (btw. how are they done? Running
> `make dist' tells me to look at some etc/ directory but I did not find
> anything useful there ... ?). 

Nothing terribly special.  I use a script.  Basically it does

cvs -Q co -P gdb
mv devo gdb-19990830   (our top-level dir here is called devo)
Sanitize               (an internal script that removes unreleased
                        bits of code as well as the CVS/ directories)

cd gdb-19990830
find . -type f -print | sort > ../manifest
for i in `cat ../manifest`
  md5sum $i >> gdb.md5

cd ..
tar cf - gdb-19990830 | bzip2 > gdb-19990830.tar.bz2

(lots of stuff to make the diff files)

I can send you the script if you think it'll help save you time.


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