"u" alias

Jeffrey A. Law law@cygnus.com
Mon Aug 30 22:20:00 GMT 1999

In article < 5m7lmco8f3.fsf@jtc.redbacknetworks.com > you write:
>>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Tromey <tromey@cygnus.com> writes:
>Tom> Tonight I discovered that the command "u" is an alias for
>Tom> "until".  I don't like this.  I've literally never used the
>Tom> "until" command.  However, I do use the "up" command every single
>Tom> time I run gdb (I can't remember not using it), and I expected
>Tom> "u" to alias "up" by default.  Can we change this?
>For what it's worth, I don't remember ever using the 'until' command,
>much less the 'u' alias.
I use u(ntil) regularly :-)   

One that did disappear that I used to use was e(nable), but presuably
it wasn't symmetric with d(elete).

Anyway, the reason behind the message is to make sure we do not allow
a single person's (or small group) opinion to sway gdb's UI.  Particularly
when *changing existing* behavior.

As for me personally, muscle memory can be retrained, it just takes a
little time.


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