GDB Manual

Stan Shebs
Mon Aug 30 13:25:00 GMT 1999

Just wanted to let everybody know that I've just committed a major
reorg of the GDB manual.  What I've done is to create a new chapter
"Configurations" (suggestions for better title welcome), that contains
all configuration/platform-specific detail.  Up until now, the
information has been somewhat randomly scattered through the manual,
or not recorded at all.

A side-effect of this change is that remote.texi has been merged into
gdb.texinfo, and no longer exists as a separate file.  This makes the
manual into a single large file, which is a little unwieldy, although
it doesn't really have any good dividing places (remote.texi was an
artificial division introduced long ago to allow a rearrangement trick
that is no longer valid).  If people would find it more convenient to
have the manual consist of several smaller files, send me ideas on
what would be a sensible division.

Also, feel free to comment on important user info I left out.  In
general, the manual should mostly focus on that which is permanently
true, as opposed to quirks of a particular release, which should go
into the README.

Next steps: replace the tutorial example with something more useful
than a no-longer-available version of m4, document obscure commands
that are missing from the manual, and merge in agentexpr.texi.


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