Stan Shebs
Fri Aug 20 13:05:00 GMT 1999

   From: (J.T. Conklin)
   Date: 20 Aug 1999 12:40:55 -0700

   Sometime later, presumably at or after the definition was moved from
   remote.c to top.c, the value was changed to 20.  I would like to find
   the rationale for that change.  20 seconds is far beyond most users
   tolerance for waiting.

Dawn Perchik seems to have made this change, in mid-1996.  It seems to
have been connected with E7000 emulator work, so my guess is that the
box was being typically catatonic, and sometimes needed more than a
few seconds to respond.

Since this is clearly a case of Cygnus making everbody's lives
miserable for the sake of E7000-using customers :-), I'm amenable to
bumping the default down to a more reasonable level.  It would be even
more clever to add the default timeout to the target vector, but I'll
leave that as an exercise for the energetic.


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