J.T. Conklin
Fri Aug 20 12:41:00 GMT 1999

Can anyone put together the history of the remote_timeout variable?
>From the ChangeLogs, it appears that remote_timeout was originally a
static variable simply called 'timeout' in remote.c.  That file still
has the most detailed comments describing the variable, although it's
definition has been moved to top.c.

The comments are:
        /* This was 5 seconds, which is a long time to sit and wait.
           Unless this is going though some terminal server or multiplexer or
           other form of hairy serial connection, I would think 2 seconds would
           be plenty.  */

        /* Changed to allow option to set timeout value. 
           was static int remote_timeout = 2; */ 

Which indicates that remote_timeout's value was 5, but that was seen
as too long for users to wait it and changed to 2.  

Sometime later, presumably at or after the definition was moved from
remote.c to top.c, the value was changed to 20.  I would like to find
the rationale for that change.  20 seconds is far beyond most users
tolerance for waiting.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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