gdb-4.17 in FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT

Richard Cownie
Fri Aug 20 07:42:00 GMT 1999

I managed to build gdb-4.17 in FreeBSD 4.0, here's how to do it:

1) gdb-4.17/configure --host=i386-unknown-freebsdelf4.0
    Have to specify the host explicitly, otherwise it doesn't realize
    it needs to use ELF.

2) in gdb-4.17/Makefile, add "-DSVR4_SHARED_LIBS" to definition of CFLAGS

3) in gdb-4.17/gdb/solib.c, add #include "elf/common.h" 
    (after #include "elf/external.h")

4) in gdb-4.17/gdb/infptrace.c, add #define U_REGS_OFFSET 0x1fa8
    I figured out this number the hard way by searching all the valid PT_READ_U
    addresses and comparing the results with PT_GETREGS - found locations
    where eip and esp values matched up.  Doubtless there's a better way to
    get the right value.

Then it should all build (and perhaps work).  The same hacks probably apply
to gdb-4.18 and gdb-current (but so far gdb-4.17 is the most useful version
I've seen for debugging C++).

Richard Cownie (

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