gdb with solaris CC

Yuval Hager
Fri Aug 20 03:26:00 GMT 1999


Has anyone tried to debug code compiled with sun solaris CC ?

I have gdb-4.16 (with a patch for shared libraries) and CC 4.2 
on a solaris-2.6-x86 machine.

The best thing I got is seeing the stack (with mangled names - but
I can use `dem' to see the names), but in no way I could
get the current line.
The gdb claims that all the functions in the stack are in 
`../include/some_file.hxx:243' (all on the same file+line)

Why is that ?
Is there anyway to get over it ?

Is there anyway to get the current line ? might be even a complicated 
way, but I just need to know the line of the SEGV and from there I can
continue in my head :-)


Yuval Hager

PS - sorry if this was discussed before, but I couldn't find it in the

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