Proposal: --with-gdb-interpreter=... --interpreter=...

Andrew Cagney
Wed Aug 18 17:39:00 GMT 1999


We're now starting to see the situtation where GDB can support multiple
interpreters.  At present there is GDB's traditional CLI, the TUI (from
HP) and TCL/TK.  We've had many threads of Python, Perl, Java, Visual
Basic and evey guile interpreters comming in down the track.

What I'd like to do is set in motion  change that should greatly
simplify the integration of various interpreters.  Accordingly I'd like
to propose the following changes:

	o	configure ... --with-gdb-interpreter=<interpreter-list> ...

		This allows the user to specify the interpreter
		(in addition to the default CLI) that is built
		and linked into GDB.

		The configury assumes that there is a directory


		that contains all the useful bits (Makefile stub,
		sourcecode, ...).

	o	a new option ``--interpreter=...'' that can be used
		to specify the interpreter to use during startup.


PS: I need to check that --with is the correct option.

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