Default architecture according --target=...configury?

Andrew Cagney
Wed Aug 18 17:14:00 GMT 1999

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> So it really depends upon what you mean by the default architecture.
> For example, if you configure gas for mips4111-elf, then gas will by
> default generate object files which use the mips4111 architecture.

I'll look at what that does.

>    PS: Why?  I'd like GDB to make a better guess at a default
>    architecture.  bfd_default_arch_struct just isn't very interesting.
> If you explain further what you mean by this, perhaps we can think of
> some way to make it work for you.  When does gdb want to know the
> default architecture?  What is it going to do with the information?

Consider a GDB which has been built to support several different ISA's
(a mips4111, mips4300, ...).  What architecture should GDB select by
default when it goes to talk to a remote target?


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