Mips 64bit and GDB

Michael Snyder msnyder@cygnus.com
Tue Aug 17 08:00:00 GMT 1999

John Ferlito wrote in message < 19990817113956.A18702@garfield.inodes.org >...
> Does anyone know if it's possible to debug executables created with
> the native IRIX 64 bit compiler using GDB.
> Or alternatively does anyone know if a copy of the gcc tool-chain
> exists anywhere for 64 bit MIPS that will actually compile stuff with
> debugging symbols.

Unfortunately I'm not up on my Irix versions, but GDB's set of known target
architectures does include a "mips64", and it certainly supports many
different flavors of Irix.

Are you in a position to just try it and see?


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