What's with all the Cisco stuff?

William Gatliff gatliff@haulpak.com
Fri Aug 13 06:13:00 GMT 1999


I'm not sure I understand all the debate on KOD, so I'll stick to the parts
I know...

> I would ecstatic with more interest and input here.  "RTOS support" is
> an area where GDB gets hammered relative to its competition, and
> display of kernel objects is a specific feature that gets comes up
> frequently.

On the embedded side, could RTOS support be made a stub issue, instead of a
gdb issue?  As an embedded developer, I find it much easier to add/modify a
stub than to muck around with the internals of gdb itself.

If there were a standard set of RDP messages that could be used to deliver
OS information from a stub back to gdb, then I would be happy to add stub
support for my own RTOS, whatever that happens to be, using the RTOS's
native calls.

Perhaps this approach could be extended for non-remote debugging, as well?


William A. Gatliff
Senior Design Engineer
Komatsu Mining Systems

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