Proposal for handling large numbers of registers

J.T. Conklin
Fri Aug 6 18:27:00 GMT 1999

>> So I'm considering importing the idea of "register classes" from
>> GCC.  GCC uses the class idea to guide allocation and instruction
>> selection, but we don't even need that much; just define the names
>> of the classes and which registers belong to each.

> It would be nice if one could just cut the register class
> definitions from gcc tm.h and paste them into gdb tm.h.

I'm not sure that a compilers notion of register classes make sense
for debugging and vice versa.  For debugging, broad categories like
"integer registers", "floating point registers", "system registers"
seem to be most appropriate; while compilers think of classes like
"registers that can be used for indexing", "special register used
for integer divide instructions", etc.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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