Sourceware synchronisation.

Joe Buck jbuck@synopsys.COM
Tue Aug 3 09:36:00 GMT 1999

Brendan Simon writes:

> Now that the sourceware CD is available quarterly, I was wondering what
> the chances are of synchronising new releases of sourceware projects
> (binutils, gcc, newlib & gdb are the ones that mainly interest me.  I'm
> not sure what else is on the sourceware CD as I do not have one yet).

While more cooperation is certainly possible on the common components
(e.g. libiberty, configure-related stuff), the chances of synchronizing
the schedules for the convenience of the quarterly Cygnus sourceware CDs
is zero.  GCC is not a "sourceware project" (that is, it is not controlled
by Cygnus -- "sourceware" is a Cygnus term), and the steering committee
has pledged to avoid conflicts of interest, e.g. scheduling releases for
the convenience of one company.  (I'm a member of the committee).

We are grateful for all of Cygnus's contributions of resources, but we are
already having problems with GCC/EGCS being perceived as a
Cygnus-controlled project.  It is not.  It is a net-wide project.

Of course, Cygnus is free to create internal releases that are more
synchronized, or that provide features to paying customers before
the general public gets them, this is fine.  And Cygnus folks are free
to help us keep things like libiberty in sync for easier integration
down the road.  But the official GCC has to remain neutral.


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