Sourceware synchronisation.

Jason Molenda
Mon Aug 2 19:27:00 GMT 1999

EGCS (nee gcc), binutils, and GDB are all large projects and making
a release involves a lot of work.  I doubt any of us want to do it
quarterly, and synchronizing our releases so they all happen at the same
time is even more unlikely.

The quarterly Sourceware CDs are not a compelling reason to release a
new version of any of these programs.

Just MHO, but "Not likely" is my first reaction to any proposal to try
to attempt something like this.

Development snapshots, on the other hand, should generally be pretty
similar to each other (it may take a month or two for a change made
to binutils to get merged over into the GDB repository, for instance)
if you want to develop multiple things in an integrated setup.


As to the general topic of synchronizing shared files among these
packages, changes are all propagated through Cygnus' internal CVS
repository.  e.g.  someone makes a change to EGCS's libiberty; within
a month or so, that change gets merged in to Cygnus' internal CVS
repository, and then a month or so after that binutils has a merge with
the Cygnus internal CVS repository and they pick up the change.  If
it's a critical change, it can be merged by hand by someone.

GDB and newlib do not have external read/write repositories now, so they
pick up the merged change right away and it should be reflected in their
next snapshot.

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