Sourceware synchronisation.

Brendan Simon
Mon Aug 2 19:14:00 GMT 1999

Now that the sourceware CD is available quarterly, I was wondering what
the chances are of synchronising new releases of sourceware projects
(binutils, gcc, newlib & gdb are the ones that mainly interest me.  I'm
not sure what else is on the sourceware CD as I do not have one yet).

I would be nice to have the latest sourceware which have been
synchronised with other sourceware releases.  The definitions of
"synchronise" is pretty open but I would like it to mean "tested and
recommended".  eg.  The latest release of binutils, gcc, newlib and gdb
that are recommended to work with each other with the least amount of
building problems.

I know this is a big ask and it is nearlyy impossible, but I think it
might be worth some effort.  Can various sourceware projects work
together in some way.  I'm sure there is some informal collaberation
between projects but it is just a guess.  Obviously this would only
apply to projects that have some dependencies on other projects.

Any thoughts,
Brendan Simon.

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