the "tty" command in 4.17

Martynas Kunigelis
Fri May 22 04:06:00 GMT 1998

Hello gdb developers,

While using gdb 4.16 I used the "tty /dev/tty<N>" command to redirect
the input and output of my curses or Slang based programs to another
terminal. In version 4.17 this command seems to misbehave: the debugee
displays its output on the destination tty, but reads no input from it,
echoing the keys pressed instead. Meanwhile when you press a key on the
tty that gdb is running on, the debugee receives the SIGTTIN signal and
stops, leaving the gdb tty in raw or whatever mode the curses or slang
libraries have put into, though they should have done this to the
debugee tty.

In short: the "tty" command redirects the debugee's output, but not
input, as it used in version 4.16. I am writing a Slang application now
and find this a little annoying. I'm too unfamiliar with the gdb source
to fix this myself, so if anyone would come up with a patch, I'd really
appreciate it.

Thanks for your patience!


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