Problems with 4.16.86 under linux ppc / mklinux, etc

Kevin B. Hendricks
Tue Mar 31 13:11:00 GMT 1998

I work on the team porting Sun JDK to linuxppc, mklinux, linux-pmac.  These
ports have generally chosen to use egcs-1.0.2 since it is much better then
gcc-2.7.2 on powerpc and does not have the problems gcc-2.8 has on powerpc.

Unfortunately, the gdb 4.16 that previously worked under gcc -2.7.2 does
not work any longer with things compiled with the new tools (egcs-1.0.2,
binutils-, etc

I have recently downloaded, patched and built gdb 4.16.86 to work under
linux on powerpc (with the help of Kevin Buettner) but the result is next
to worthless when trying to debug anything with shared-libraries (skipped
breakpoints, missing symbols, general instability).

Following the FAQ of egcs, I have tried compiling things with -gstabs which
did not help at all either.

Do you have any timetable for getting gdb 4.17 out?  We desperately need a
working gdb.  I would be happy to make our gdb diffs for powerpc available
to you if it would help.  Also I would be happy to act as a tester on linux
for powerpc.

If there is anything I can do to speed the process of getting a working gdb
4.17, please let me know.



Kevin B. Hendricks
Associate Professor of Operations and Information Technology
School of Business, College of William & Mary, 307 Tyler Hall,
P.O.Box 8795, Williamsburg, VA  23187-8795
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