gdb is released.

H.J. Lu
Thu Jun 25 19:16:00 GMT 1998

Hi, Folks,

This is the beta release of gdb, which is based on gdb 4.17
plus x86 hardware watchpoint and FPU support. You need linux 2.1.xx
or my linux 2.0.3x gdb patch to get the x86 FPU to work correctly.
Linux 2.0.35 may also be ok. The Linux/x86 binary works with all recent
kernels and C libraries, and the x86 FPU support is enabled at the
run-time, depending on the kernel version.

Please report any bugs related to gdb to


Because most of system calls in glibc 2 are written in assembly without
frame pointer, gdb may not be able to debug nor get stack trace system
calls on glibc-based 2 systems. Due to this, "make check" may fail in

FAIL: gdb.base/a1-selftest.exp: backtrace through signal handler

with glibc 2.

Also, it is normal to see 

FAIL: gdb.base/interrupt.exp: continue (timeout)
FAIL: gdb.base/interrupt.exp: echo data (timeout)

if there is

XPASS: gdb.base/interrupt.exp: send_gdb end of file

Changes from gdb

1. Fix testcases for FPU.
2. Fix x86 hardware watchpoint support.

Changes from gdb

1. Fake FP registers on older kernels.

Changes from gdb 4.17:

1. Linux/x86 FPU support is added. You can debug floating point numbers
   just like integers.
2. x86 hardware watchpoint is extended to long long, double and long
3. More information on x86 CPU status register.
4. Fix a bug when reading beyond the memory boundary.

The file list:

1. gdb-4.17- Patch against gdb 4.17.
2. gdb- Patch against gdb
3. gdb- Precompiled Linux/x86 statically linked binary.
4. linux-2.0.3x.gdb.diff.gz. A gdb patch for Linux 2.0.33/2.0.34.

The ftp sites for my gdb patches:

gdb 4.17 source code is available at

To install the precompiled binary,

# gunzp gdb-
# cp gdb- /usr/bin/gdb


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