gdb-4.16.85 fails for sh-elf

Aaron Passey
Sat Feb 7 21:19:00 GMT 1998

	gdb-4.16.85 core dumps when trying to do almost anything when
compiled with sh-elf as a target.  I am able to set the target to remote
and download my program to my board and even run it (and have it work) but
setting breakpoints, listing the source, getting a backtrace, etc all cause
gdb to core dump.  They even cause a core dump when the target is set to the
simulator, so it's not my debugging stub.

	I also tried gdb-980122 and gdb-4.16.  980122 had exactly the same
problem and 4.16 doesn't recognize my binary as a valid one.

	Has anyone else run into this?

% cat config.status
../gdb-4.16.85/configure --host=i586-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/hotard
--target=sh-elf --with-newlib --verbose --norecursion

	I am using the current egcs from the CVS repository (retrieved
2/7/98), binutils-, and newlib-1.8.0.  All of them were compiled
with the same configure options as gdb.  My host machine is a PC running
Linux (Redhat 5.0).  You've gotta love living on the bleeding edge.

	I just joined this mailing list and I don't know if it's active or
what.  I also couldn't find an archive anywhere.  If this is not active,
could someone point me to the right place to send this.  Thanks.


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