First GDB 4.17 release snapshot up for ftp

Jason Molenda
Fri Feb 6 20:45:00 GMT 1998

The first GDB 4.17 snapshot is on-line at

If you can uncompress bzip2 archives (a copy is in ), you can get

which is only about 6.7MB (the .gz file is 8.5MB).  

I didn't test the diff, I'd recommend just getting the .gz file.  If
you're on a small link, you might want to get the .bz2 archive. I'll
try to go through the diff tomorrow.

There are a few minor rough edges in this particular snapshot that
I wanted to just get out to people instead of twiddling any more.
The texinfo/ directory isn't in there (it was in the snapshots, but not in
the 4.16 release of GDB), but the prebuilt .info files aren't in there,
so make might try to rebuild them (which will fail if you don't have
makeinfo in your path already).

Give it a shot, see what happens.  Let me know if you have any problems.
This is the first snapshot of the 4.17 release, we'll have a bunch more
before the real release goes out.  This snapshot hasn't seen much testing
yet, I'll be doing some this weekend and next week with the systems we
have at Cygnus; any testing help is definitely welcome.

NB: There are some generated files in here that were built with autoconf,
automake, and libtool.  All three of these require patches that aren't
in net released versions.  I'll be putting up snapshots of these programs
along with the 4.17 release.  (They're ready right now but I want to
fiddle a bit more :-)

I'd like to see the real 4.17 release go out in about two weeks.  It'll
be straightforward to generate diffs and snapshots from now on, so I
should be able to quickly fix and roll in any problems that come up.

Remember that we have the mailing list for any
discussion you'd want.  We're going to add a bunch of mailing lists
and have web archives of the whole bunch to help increase communication
(a la EGCS), but for now gdb-testers is probably the best.

Jason Molenda

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