gdb-980122 behavior on linux with shared libraries

Dawn Perchik
Mon Feb 2 12:46:00 GMT 1998

On Sun, Feb 01, 1998 at 12:24:31PM -0700, Marty Leisner wrote:
> I have a tentative solution (which I don't fully understand
> why its only showing up on elf).
> Between 970507 and now, in solib.c the
> 	flag solib_cleanup_queued
> 	function  do_clear_solib
> was added...

This code is required in order to clear out the link_map structures between 
runs.  If this were not done, gdb would think the link_map entries from 
the last run were still valid when they're not.

The code works fine for Solaris which is elf.  Is there any difference
in how Linux shared objects behave?  Does linux follow the svr4 conventions
for shared objects?


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