Remote debug of unix apps ???

Stan Shebs
Thu Dec 31 13:07:00 GMT 1998

   Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:07:02 -0500
   From: Stuart Adams <>

   I want to do remote debugging of applications on an 
   embedded Linux target. I can't run gdb on the target
   in some scenarios due to memory limitations. (The embedded
   target is self-contained an boots from 2 MB flash memory).


   Has anyone done any work in this area ??? (It seems that at
   the very least it would require a remote version of ptrace.)

Check out gdbserver, in gdb/gdbserver.  It's basically a little
proxy for ptrace, it makes the ptrace calls, and communicates
with the host GDB via the standard remote protocol (target remote
or target extended-remote).


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