Clarification ......

Tue Dec 22 05:45:00 GMT 1998

Hello everybody,
	I am trying to make a port of the latest gdb snapshot gdb-19981215 for my 
MIPS R4000 based system running the SVR4.2 Unix. I wanted this clarification.
In the file procfs.c (line 5350) there is a piece of code that says

----------- Clip from procfs.c ----------------------------------------------
5349  /* Joel ... can you check this logic out please? JKJ */
5350 if (pi->prstatus.pr_lwp.pr_context.uc_mcontext.gregs[R_EFL] & 1)
5351   { /* _lwp_create failed */
5352      pctl.cmd = PCRUN;
5353 = PRCFAULT;


This is for the UNIXWARE. The SVR4.2 for i386 headers seem to have this
R_EFL register defined in <sys/regset.h>

but not my native MIPS based headers. I am using gcc from egcs1.1.b and I 
also have a native EPC compiler ( from Edinberg portable compilers).

None of the headers seem to have this 'R_EFL' defined.

Can you please help me in suggesting the equivalent of R_EFL that I can use 
for this port. I do not have access to any other machines here either.

Looking forward for any help and Thanks in advance.


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