null in gdb/ChangeLog-3.x

Stan Shebs
Tue Oct 28 16:32:00 GMT 1997

   Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 14:14:22 -0800
   From: (Mike Stump)

   In gdb-970817/gdb/ChangeLog-3.x I see:

   fill-column: 74
   version-control: never
   ^@ng destructors and
		   constructors, and flags being defined via public and via
		   virtual paths.  Added fields NEXT_VARIANT, N_BASECLASSES,
		   and BASECLASSES to this type (tr: Changed types from
		   having to be derived from a single baseclass to a multiple
		   base class).

   (note the ^L and the ^@ are the control characters) Seems like bitrot,
   could someone check the older versions of this file and restore it,

An amusing exercise in historical research - this file was corrupted
somewhere between GDB 3.1 and 3.5, probably before Cygnus was founded!
I've been able to recover the missing entries (not that they're
particularly useful, but I'm sure Randy wants that week of his life
back), and the next snapshot should have more coherent contents.


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