upcoming reconfiguration

Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG thomas@gnu.ai.mit.edu
Wed Oct 1 15:37:00 GMT 1997

We are reconfiguring some machines this week.  This will necessitate
some downtime, unfortunately, for popular filesystems and hosts.

Most of the filesystems will move to another location on Thursday, and
be inaccessible from that point on; shortly thereafter "alpha" FTP
service and mail service will be moved. 

Unfortunately, because of some of the reasons prompting this move, I
cannot right now explain all the details of what will happen.
However, important GNU volunteers will be directly contacted by phone
once the move has happened.  I'm sorry for the excessive amount of
secrecy, I know it's a hassle, but there seems to be no choice right

However, maintaining adequate service for GNU volunteers is
important.  One of the advantages of this move is that, after it is
completed, the machines for use by volunteers will probably be much
more stable than they have been recently.  Volunteers should all rest
assured that their access will be maintained; I can't explain the
details right now, however.

In order to minimize the hassle and delay for volunteers, I'd like it
if you could each email me your phone number ASAP, and when to call
you, Friday or later.  In that way, I can explain what's happening and
re-establish your access as quickly as possible.

Please forward this message to *individual* GNU volunteers.  But
please be careful NOT to forward it to mailing lists or to large
numbers of people that you don't know.  Please limit distribution as
much as you can to only people that are doing active volunteer work
for the GNU Project.


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